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Vue.js Tips and Tricks

· One min read
Hreniuc Cristian-Alexandru

LE: 14th Sept 2022 - Use Vue3 and you no longer need actions and mutations. Use State Management with Reactivity API

1. When you want to commit to a state(using actions and mutations), do not pass multiple parameters to the commit method, they will have the value undefined. Create an object and pass it like that. This:

commit(types.UPDATE_JOB, index, title);

Will become this:

commit(types.UPDATE_JOB, {index: index, title: job.title});

2. Props that have default value:

export default {
props: {
prop_without_defaut_value: {},
prop_with_defaut_value: {
default: false // this is a bool value
prop_with_defaut_value_string: {
default: String
data() {
return {
var_name: false

3. Use mapActions and custom methods:

methods: Object.assign({},
/* If we want to use mapActions and other
custom methods this is the way to do it
otherwise it will give an error */
]), {
method_1() {
this.title = this.job.title;
this.edit_mode = !this.edit_mode;
method_2() {}