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Upgrading the version of rke2 cluster

· One min read
Hreniuc Cristian-Alexandru

Based on this doc, check here the new versions

# Hetzner
ssh -i ~/.ssh/ansible_noob_id_rsa ansible_noob@SERVER-1
ssh -i ~/.ssh/ansible_noob_id_rsa ansible_noob@SERVER-2

sudo su -
curl -sfL | INSTALL_RKE2_VERSION=v1.22.10+rke2r2 sh -

# For server
systemctl restart rke2-server

# For agent
systemctl restart rke2-agent
# Check the logs
journalctl -u rke2-server -f
# Errors:
journalctl -u rke2-server | grep -i level=error

journalctl -u rke2-agent -f
journalctl -u rke2-agent | grep -i level=error

# See if pods are restarting or not working
kubectl get pod --all-namespaces

Sometimes you might need to restart the backends, because this might trigger a restart for the vitess, and the backend sometimes doesn't refresh the connection to the db. Check the logs of the backend.