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· One min read
Hreniuc Cristian-Alexandru


My server(started from qtcreator in Debug) was sending data to a client and the client crashed ungracefully(CTRL+C), this resulted in two things:

  • SIGPIPE signal was generated(which was handled in my code, but before getting to my code GDB was handleling it, and crashed my server)
  • The server crashed with SEGFAULT when I was running it in terminal with no GDB attached.

So, to investigate the SEGFAULT easier, inside QtCreator, I had to force GDB to ignore the first signal SIGPIPE, I did this by doing thse two steps:

  • uncheck the box "Show a message box when receiving a signal" in Tools -> Options... -> Debugger -> GDB.
  • If you want gdb not to catch a signal but pass it to your program, you need to give gdb a command like the following:handle SIGPIPE pass nostop noprint(see Window -> Views -> Debugger Log or Tools -> Options... -> Debugger -> GDB -> GDB startup script Debugging Helper Customization or Tools -> Options... -> Debugger -> GDB -> Locals & Expressions (like the image below for the SIGPIPE signal)).