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· 3 min read
Hreniuc Cristian-Alexandru

After I switched to docusaurus I also wanted to make the deployment easier and I had two options:

  • selfhost the website(as I did previously with wordpress)
  • host it via gitlab pages

I went with the second option, due to the fac that for the first option I had to use ssh credentials to connect to my hosting provider and copy the files there. I wanted to avoid doing that.

So I choose Gitlab Pages which is the same as Github Pages. The advantage of this is that it auto updates the website with just a simple CI job.

So to do this I had to follow these steps:

  • I went to the Gitlab pages docs
  • Create a repository for your website
  • Then go to Settings > Pages
  • It will open a page where you need to configure the gitlabci.yml for your website to be build and copied to a public folder, this is the generated file for my website
  • The pipeline will be triggered after you complete all steps and if it passes it will generate a page for it on the gitlab domain, eg:
  • I wanted to use my custom domain name, so to do this I went back to Settings > Pages and there was an option to add a domain, like it's stated in this documentation, the pictures from that page are outdated.
  • My domain is managed from CLouldflare, so I had to do the following:
    • Add the name of the domain in that section from gitlab
    • I checked to use Let's encrypt for SSL certs
    • In Clouldflare I had to add an A record for @( to point to, not to as they state in the doc, Clouldflare didn't allow me to use a DNS there, only IP
    • In Clouldflare I had to add an TXT record for _gitlab-pages-verification-code with a value to verify it, this will be used for validation that you own the domain
    • I also had to add a rule in Clouldflare to redirect from to, because I don;t know why, but when I was trying to access I ended up getting 401 Not authorized, like here. The rule looked like this:* > 301 Permanent Redirect >$1
    • I saved the domain in the Gitlab Pages section and clicked on an icon to retry verifying the domain and it worked

Now, everytime I pushed changes to the default branch it auto generated a pipeline and updated the website.