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Hreniuc Cristian-Alexandru

Make sure you have exported the KUBECONFIG env: export KUBECONFIG=/path/rke2_inventory/hetzner/credentials/rke2.yaml

  1. Get all pods and the nodes they are on
kubectl get pods -o wide
  1. Get nodes and their labels
kubectl get nodes --show-labels
  1. Deploy something to the cluster:
kubectl apply -f hetzner/
  1. Delete a deployment from the cluster:
kubectl delete -f
  1. Get/watch logs from pod:
kubectl logs -f pod/vt-vttablet-decontabodusseldorf-2620423388-0c5af156
  1. Delete pod:
kubectl delete pod/vt-vttablet-decontabodusseldorf-2620423388-0c5af156