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How to upgrade rancher in a rke2 cluster

· One min read
Hreniuc Cristian-Alexandru

As stated in these docs:

sudo snap install helm --classic

Upgrade it:

# To have the same values:
helm get values rancher -n cattle-system -o yaml > rancher_values.yaml

# Add the repo
helm repo add rancher-stable

helm repo update

helm fetch rancher-stable/rancher

helm upgrade rancher rancher-stable/rancher \
--namespace cattle-system \
-f rancher_values.yaml \

If helm upgrade doesn't work we need to delete the rancher and reinstall it, following these steps without the cert-manager:

helm delete rancher -n cattle-system

helm install rancher rancher-stable/rancher \
--namespace cattle-system \
-f rancher_values.yaml \

It should reuse the old configs and so.

Check the pods and logs:

kubectl get pods --namespace cattle-system

kubectl -n cattle-system rollout status deploy/rancher

kubectl logs -f rancher-84696c75d9-62mk4 --namespace cattle-system
# Should check the version
2022/07/01 08:49:27 [INFO] Rancher version v2.6.5 (c4d59fa88) is starting