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How to manually generate a db backup from vitess cluster and use it locally

· One min read
Hreniuc Cristian-Alexandru

Install vitess client locally first:


sudo dpkg -i vitess_14.0.0-9665c18_amd64.deb

Start the port forwarding

Note: Make sure you have the KUBECONFIG env set when running

cd vitess
bash &

alias vtctlclient="vtctlclient -server localhost:15999 -alsologtostderr"
alias mysql="mysql -h -P 15306 -u domain-com_admin"

Pass: `domain-com_admin_`

Connnect to the db to test if it works

mysql -pdomain-com_admin_

Create the backup - only the schema

mysqldump -d -h -P 15306 -u domain-com_admin -pdomain-com_admin_ domain-com > domain-com-dev-schema.sql

Create the backup - the complete db

mysqldump -h -P 15306 -u domain-com_admin -pdomain-com_admin_ domain-com > domain-com-dev.sql

Import the db locally

!!Make sure you use another bash terminal, nnot the one you added the aliases!!

# Create the database
mysql -u root -proot
create database domain_com_dev;

# Import it
mysql -u root -proot domain_com_dev < domain-com-dev.sql

If you encounnter errors, you might have to run these commannds:

sed -i 's/utf8mb4/utf8/g' domain-com-dev.sql
sed -i 's/utf8_0900_ai_ci/utf8_general_ci/g' domain-com-dev.sql

And retry import.