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How to create a backup on-demand for RKE2 cluster

· One min read
Hreniuc Cristian-Alexandru

This doc describes how to create a backup on-demand for RKE2 cluster. We already have set up a recurring backup, from the rke2 engine. But if we ever want to backup this, before an update or something, we should follow these steps.


Atm only the snapshot with config file works, there is a bug in their server:

rke2 etcd-snapshot --config /etc/rancher/rke2/config2.yaml --debug
s3: true
s3-access-key: keyId
s3-bucket: domain_com-contabo-rke
s3-region: eu-central-003
s3-secret-key: applicationKey
snapshot-compress: true

This will create a snapshot and upload it to S3(BackBlaze).

Not working atm

rke2 etcd-snapshot \
--snapshot-compress \
--s3 \
--s3-endpoint "" \
--s3-bucket "domain_com-contabo-rke" \
--s3-access-key "keiId" \
--s3-secret-key "applicationKey"