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Adding Custom Debugging Helpers in QtCreator

· One min read
Hreniuc Cristian-Alexandru


find ~ -name


Add there the following contents:

def qdump__ClassType1(d, value):
m_member1 = value["m_member1"].integer()
m_member2 = value["m_member2"].integer()
miliseconds = int(m_member1 * 1000 / m_member2)
d.putValue(str(miliseconds) + str("ms (")+ str(m_member1) + str("m1, ") + str(m_member2) + str("m2)"))

def qdump__ClassType2(d, value):
position = value["m_position"]
qdump__FramesDuration(d, position)

The ClassType2 will be displayed like this: 3642331ms (160626834m1, 44100m2).

For more examples, check: /home/cristi/Qt/Tools/QtCreator/share/qtcreator/debugger/